Monday, July 21, 2008

Jing jingaling.

I have been using Jing now for a couple of months and I meant to post on it ages ago.

Jing is a screen capture tool made by Techsmith. Since I downloaded it, Jing has become an indispensable weapon in my e-learning authoring arsenal. Sure Camtasia is more feature packed, as I'm sure are loads of other screen capture tools. But the thing I love about Jing is it's sheer usability.

It sits up on your screen like a little yellow sun and whenever you feel the need to use it you hover over it and click on the capture icon. Then highlight the area you want to capture, click image or video, and save the file you produce or publish it to your Screencast or Flickr account.

It is really that simple.

I love the added functionality of text and highlighting tools which make creating instructions or PowerPoint add ins a real breeze.

I love Jing and I think it's uses are only bound by your imagination.