Monday, August 4, 2008

GoAnimate not "Goanna Mate".

Go! Studio Screenshot.

I'm excited about this one folks. I only joined the GoAnimate community late last night and I am already blogging about it. GoAnimate has awesome potential for use in e-learning. As with a lot of web2.0 tools the bounds are limited only by your imagination. So what is it?

GoAnimate is a flash based web tool which utilises a drag and drop style interface to allow users to create animated comic book style scenes. There are a bucket load of characters to choose from, a few cool backdrops and the ability to add funky soundtracks and sounds. If you don't like the selection there, you have the option to upload your own.

All the characters have their own unique movements and facial expressions and there are a plethora of props you can give the characters and head adornments to add as well. All these options make for limitless potential for creativity especially when coupled with the ability to add voice overs and/or speech bubbles.

As with most web2.0 tools there is a social aspect to it as well with the capability to add friends and and comment on other animations. Once you have created your cartoon animation you have the option to embed, share using DIGG, delicious, Facebook or send via email.

Here is my first attempt, and for the record, the controversial thought bubble about the quick f*@# was added as a way to generate classroom conversation. It took me around an hour to put this together, but I had never used it before, and I hadn't prepared any script or done any storyboarding.

Where do you see the potential for using this technology in your classroom environment, learning management system or f2f workshop?


Nicolas said...

Hi Rhys,

Thanks for blogging about us and for being a user (really like your poker animation!).

In terms of e-learning, we do not offer any special product for now, but it is definitely on our minds. So if people are interested, we would be more than happy to hear comments and feedback.

Nicolas Lassus
Product Manager

Stony River said...

This animation did look like it was loading up in the 2 browser but did not GO for me - do I need any software or plug-in to make it move in flock? It works fine in FireFox 3 and IE 7 - KOOL Animation

RhysatWork said...

hi stony river.

As both flock and GoAnimate are in beta, perhaps these issues are yet to be ironed out.

I don't use flock so I am unfamiliar with it's requirements.

GoAnimate uses flash. Perhaps you need to download the flash add in for flock. I will ask the guys at goanimate what they think.

Nicolas said...

Hi Stony River,
We haven't been testing our Flash player with Flock... but as Rhys wrote it should work if you have the Flash plug in installed.

Let me get our tech team to take a look...

Product Manager

RhysatWork said...

Thanks Nicolas,

I didn't even get a chance to send an email.

Hope this helps Stony River.