Monday, October 27, 2008

The race to the front page.

I woke up this morning after a late session working on the SEO stuff for the RSA online project to find I had managed to get the wordpress blog onto page one! Yep in less than 24 hours. Needless to say I was stoked. But rather than sit on my hands, I have been up late again working on getting it right up the rankings.

So I created a Squidoo. This is quite a cool tool, maybe a little fiddly in parts but cool nonetheless. Hopefully I will atract some "juice" to my wordpress blog by doing this. Anyway, I'll let you know how I get on in the next few days.(if you're interested)


theother66 (formally MadMiller) said...

Hi Rhys

Just catching up on some blog reading.

Not wanting to put a hole in your bubble, but what you need to remember able Google is that it mines your data.

So when you play a lot in a blog ie in your new RSA blog, then the next time you search Google, there's a good chance it will come up on your front page, but it doesn't mean that it'll come up on everyone's front page.

Love a chat with you at Edayz to see if this is true - ie we could see if I Google for RSA on one of the edayz participants' computers - whether the same results would turn up?

Looking forward to seeing you. Allison

RhysatWork said...

No bubble bursting there Allison, I am aware of google's mining abilities. Interestingly we did the search on several computers external to me and the blog was coming up front page on all. Not only that, the proof was in the sales that we made. 14 courses sold in two weeks including two users who signed up paid and completed their course all without any phone calls. Admitedly the other ten was a group booking but they found the course because it came up in THEIR first page of google.

Then about three days later it disappeared all together from google. Even in a search of the URL it was nowhere to be seen. Vanished. Then a few days later it was coming up again and better yet all the other pages I had put together also were coming up. I haven't done the search on other computers yet from external IP adresses to mine or asked anyone else to, as my time has been taken up by more pressing matters (i.e. four conference presentations this week)

Since the sites have reappeared on searches(some time mid last week) we have sold two more courses completely through google searches.

Anyway, we can have a look at edayz08 as you suggest.

See you then!

theother66 (formally MadMiller) said...

Hi Rhys

This is great - sorry for being so skeptical but I worry about how misleading Google searches can be.

Excellent work on the site and on the online marketing - look forward to catching up with you on Friday.

Good luck with your various conference presentations and poster sessions this week.

Regards, Allison